last firmware 3.53 (08.05.2002)
Changes made from version 03.50 to version 03.53:
  • Euro (Ђ) symbol support added to Advice of Charge-query
  • Seven new ringing tones can be saved to phone instead of 6
  • Number input improvement in USSD
  • "Unplug data cable first" note is now shown, if USB is connected and radio key and music player keys are pressed shortly after another
  • Improvements to display times for tracks over one hour-long
  • SIM ATK command "Refresh" functionality improved
  • Online indicator in WAP is shown after use of browser menu option 'Go to Address'
  • Space bar opens now the highlighted item in WAP. Number keys 1 and 3 no longer perform the same operation
  • Up to 45 SMS messages can be stored in SIM card
  • List of operator names updated
    Changes made from version 3.48 to version 3.50:
  • Chr table improvement in SIM ATK menu application. Now it is possible to enter character behind Chr key in SIM ATK menu.
    Text improvements:
  • If there is no memory left, when saving a downloaded WAP picture to phone's memory, an English error note "Memory full. Replace picture?" is split into two lines.
  • Russian text improvements
    WAP and OTA improvement.
  • Received OTA settings which data call with speed 14.4 kbps for WAP: data speed 14.4 kbps will be replaced with default value 9.6 kbps, because NPM-5 supports only 9.6 kbps as data call speed
  • Dot/+ improvement in entering IP address and dial-up number (K language package). In case English is activated from K language package (K package includes Russian, Ukrainian and English), it is now possible to enter a dot (.) into IP address and a plus (+) into dial-up number
  • Operator list updated
    Changes made from version 3.47 to version 3.48:
  • Service provider's name is now shown permanently on the display
  • Operands of calculator can be typed now from the keyboard. Not only by selecting operands through the menu.
  • Now ringing tone for incoming calls can be also heard, if user's own headset is used together with Adapter cable (ADA-2).
  • Two new language packages has been added: Greek and Russian/Ukrainian
    Changes made from version 3.45 to version 3.47:
  • Improvements in Calculator. Dot is now handled in proper way, when setting exchange rates
  • Line-in recording functionality has been improved
  • Sometimes audio was not switched to phone's earpiece, if headset was removed during a phone call
  • Music player did not always restart after a call was initiated and then ended
  • Unplugging headset during a phone call turns now music player on Pause
  • FDN now allows all calls to be made from FDN phonebook
  • Improvements in showing Class 0 SMS messages
  • USSD with more than 30 digits is now possible
  • STK "Refresh" command improved
    Changes made from version 3.43 to version 3.45:
  • Language packages F, G, I, J, K and P implemented
  • English has been added to package B
  • English and Germany has been added to packages I and J
  • Comma and period character handling modified. Period can be entered to AoC query
  • Logical name replaced by new name in WAP
  • Special case for character '+' handling added to Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian languages
  • Improvement to Radio application. Also Copyright note has been changed
  • Improvement to SIM Toolkit
  • The order of if-clauses changed in APPL_START_CMD. Now USB is checked first
  • Unnecessary "Reconnect Charger" -error message removed
  • Functionality of radio improved (radio changed channel, if headset mic was inplugged)
  • Possibility to enter numbers into WML input element, that has format m*m or M*M, added
  • Following characters (dot, comma, plus, minus) has been added to key conversion in WAP
    Changes made from version 3.42 to version 3.43:
  • Silence or annoying beep is removed, when starting player for the first time through menus
  • Improvement to headset connection timeout. (In some cases when recording had started from FM radio and then headset was removed, recorder should have stopped after three minutes, but it crashed).
  • Language package M (Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malaysian) added
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